About AD Fixtures Team

No fancy work but practically, positively obeying PDCA (Plan / do / check / action) scientific oriented R&D team, best workmanship in manufacturing. AD fixtures Inc. diligently hard working in the past 40 years. We humbly keep moving ahead all heartedly with care and passion to the industry of retail fixtures and display. Size as big as 15.000m2. AD Fixtures Inc. Located in Taichung Taiwan. Specialized at fixtures solutions, concentration to the fine manufacturing. Wide range services available and provided from draft design, sampling, prototyping, project review, modified and confirmed for production. Professional flat packing arranged and perfectly loaded in the containers. AD fixtures Inc. Your worth trusting partner for improving your stores images.

Innovative Retail Solutions ADFI excellence in fixtures & fittings and special design of flat-packed kit delivered 40 years experienced team of project management and distribution professionals specializing in retail rollout support.
Extendable Our manufacturing and shipping capabilities including employees on the ground with extensive expertise in production directly watching our factory relationships, volume requirements, and quality control processes.
Proven We back it all up with over 40 years of experience producing and delivering to international brands around the world. Our commitment to clientvoice loudly for itself.